Candy Auclair

22 Years Old | Caucasian

Location: United States

Candy is unlike any girl you have ever met! Sex seams to be the only thing on her mind. Trust me the girl behind those panties is the goddess of your dreams. Her pleasure is in teasing you until you beg for more, the only thing better than making you throb with lust is when you can beat her in her own game. Oh no Candy is not some ordinary girl by any respect. She isn't afraid to get down and dirty. Some of her hobbies include, horse back riding, fishing, kayaking, hunting, camping anything outdoors is right up her ally. If that wasn't enough to fill her free time she has more power tools than shoes to work on her latest project. For her nothing is better than knowing what she wants and building it herself exactly how she likes. No not everyone can handle this strong willed, free spirited, wild child with an encashable sex drive, but even a gimps into her world will take you for a ride unlike any other.

Candy Auclair's Stats and Information

Age: 22 Years Old

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Height: 5ft 7in.

Weight: 115lbs

Panty Size: XS

Bra Size: 36 A

Pubic Hair: Bald


Panty Scent :

Naughty Level :

Sexual Interest for Girls :

Anal Interest :

Deep Throat :

Sexual Partners :

Dominance :














A Lot


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